About Femern Belt Housing & Facilities

The construction of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link will attract many people and businesses to the area around Rødbyhavn. Femern Belt Housing & Facilities is a portal where owners of residential and business facilities can present their leases to potential tenants. The purpose of the portal is to establish contact between the property owner and the tenant, there are no booking activities through this homepage. Rather, booking and rental agreements are entered into directly between the property owner and tenant, after getting in contact through the Femern Belt Housing and Facilities.

Femern Belt Development claims no responsibility for leases, our role is solely to provide a platform where contact between property owners and tenant can be established.

We reserve the right to remove your property from this site if we do not believe that it lives up to its description or is not of an acceptable standard.

About the Fehmarnbelt Link

The Fehmarnbelt Link will be an 18 kilometre long immersed tunnel. It will be the world’s longest of its type for both road and rail.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will comprise a four lane motorway and two electrified rail tracks.

The tunnel will consist of 79 individual elements, each 217 metres long, and 10 special elements with a lower floor for the use of the tunnel operation and maintenance equipment

A tunnel element weighs 73,000 tonnes corresponding to 14,000 elephants.

The amount of steel used in the tunnel is equivalent to about 50 Eiffel Towers.

Up to 3,000 people will be directly employed in building the Fehmarnbelt tunnel.

It will take about 8.5 years to build the Fehmarnbelt tunnel.

It will take ten minutes to travel from Denmark to Germany by car and seven minutes by train.

The construction budget for the Fehmarnbelt link is DKK 52.6 billion (2015 prices).

The Fehmarnbelt link will be user-financed. Revenues from the link will repay the loans that financed the construction. This is the same model that financed the Storebælt and Øresund links.

About Femern Belt Development
Femern Belt Development's aim is to ensure that the inhabitants and businesses in Region Sjælland get the maximum possible outcome from the fixed connection – before, under and after the construction phase.

Knowledge leading to growth
We are a knowledge center that gathers, processes and communicates out knowledge that can enhance business development and employment and therefore ensure that the businesses take optimal advantage of the potentials that arise from the large construction works.

We are the coordinating part in the Femern Belt Region
We are one amongst several actors that work towards obtaining the optimal effect of the new opportunities that will arise from the large construction projects in Region Sjælland. We have a coordinating role amongst the initiatives generated by all actors in the market and help to assure  coherence.

We build a mental bridge
In addition to this, we strive to create a region, where it is possible to exchange workforce, business and culture. We aim to create a mental union within the Femern Belt Region.