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Use this site to find available rental properties.

New rental properties

Private house


Denne dejlige ville er billigende i Holeby tæt offentlig transport og kort afstand til...

Private house


Flot møbleret villa i Tågerup, 6 km fra Rødby udlejes. Stueetagen indeholder: Entre, stor...

Private house


Perfect home for a demanding and large family - only long-term rentals.

Private house


Den ligger meget fredeligt i Rødby og henvender sig til et bredt egment, der gerne vil...

Are you interested in renting out your property

Femern-housing.com is your key hub between local property owners on South Zealand/Lolland-Falster and their potential new tenants.

Subcontractors and white-collar workers find a valuable overview over quality housing and modern business facilities on this platform.

As an owner of quality property within vicinity of the constructions of the Fehmarnbelt-Link, you can create a listing here and advertise for your property.

Key Point of Contact – Femern Belt Development

The portal Femern Belt Housing & Facilities is one of several initiatives launched by Femern Belt Development

Femern Belt Development is a key point of contact for companies in relation to the Fehmarn Belt Connection. Due to an impressive network and close collaboration with partners both in Denmark and in Germany, we act as an advisor and link between companies.

For more information about Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel, visit our homepage www.femern.info. We publish new and relevant articles every week and as well as an informative newsletter every month. Our competent team will gladly advise you and help you with any questions you may have regarding the Fehmarn-project.

Image: Femern Belt Development

Increase your business visibility!

If you aim to become a subcontractor to the Fehmarnbelt Project, you now have the opportunity to introduce yourself and to show what your company can offer via the portal “Femern Belt Marketplace”. The portal gathers companies with interests in the Fehmarnbelt project in one platform, so that they become visible to the larger contractors, but also to each other. This creates the opportunity for collaboration and networking.

The price for registration is €100/year.

Image: Femern A/S